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Hi, I'm Prakash Nedungadi

I am an aspirant from the Aam Aadmi Party for Shivaji Nagar Assembly/ MLA post in the upcoming Karnataka elections in May 2023.

My aim is to help move Karnataka and our country away from the corrupt, divisive politics that plagues our society today. And bring it, through winning electorally, towards honest, progressive politics, based on Constitutional values, caring for all and world-class standards of governance.


My education & training at schools of excellence (St Stephen’s College, IIM Calcutta, Stanford University) and my corporate experience as a change-making leader in global companies like Hindustan Unilever, Procter & Gamble and Aditya Birla Group has given me the ability and confidence to set and establish new standards of governance and policy-making in our State. My work as a social leader including leading NGOs like the Teacher Foundation, training thousands of school-teachers, and my active volunteer effort during the pandemic - when I helped the safe passage of hundreds of migrants and save thousands of lives – has helped me keep my feet on the ground and understand, deeply, the issues of everyday people and the opportunities of bringing about social change.

Above all, my integrity, my commitment, and my love for India- what it can inspire and stand for- make me a worthy candidate to be supported and elected.


I joined the Aam Aadmi Party in Sep 2020 and have worked tirelessly starting at the ground level in two Wards in my neighbourhood in Shivaji Nagar. Starting from scratch, today, AAP and I are well-known and respected across these Wards for precisely the values that I mentioned above. I have built up a team, a volunteer base, offices, a booth-level organisation and, above all, a close connect and liking with the people themselves.

The Karnataka Assembly elections are coming up in May 2023 and I believe Shivaji Nagar needs a strong leader:
  • A leader who will move the narrative of politics from “Caste, Community, Cash” to Performance,

  • A leader who will bring in world-class Government services and infrastructure to everyone in the Assembly,

  • A leader who will help change Karnataka State’s reputation as a “high-potential State weighed down by bad politics” to one that is a beacon of rapid, open, universal progress and ease-of-living.

My voice in the Assembly will also help make Bengaluru a world-class, citizen-friendly city that it deserves to be.

If you believe, like I do, that this is a fight worth fighting, a race worth winning, then I’ll look forward to your support in this election!                                                                             


This is a fight worth Fighting,
a race worth winning!

In my short stint in public service, I have been able to bring significant changes in my locality, some achievements:

  • Improvements in infrastructure like roads, street lighting, waste management, public amenities

  • Partnered to start a free, high-quality health clinic to treat more than 10,000 needy cases across Bengaluru

  • Conducted many Medical health check-up camps across the Ward

  • Covid relief to thousands of underprivileged: helped in vaccination centres; organised food and ration-kit distribution, helped poor get their Govt. support, support with school fees and health issues

  • Led Covid response from AAP for Karnataka during  2nd Wave: Brought together and led a team of over 100 volunteers- doctors, counsellors, logistics and helpline support staff and Covid Warriors. Supported thousands through Home isolation support, ICU beds, oxygen, blood plasma, Remdesivir etc.

  • Active member of  Ward Committee: Led initiatives as well as encouraged public participation in the decision-making of the Ward

  • Member of the AAP Political Action Committee - Karnataka

  • Led investigative work on the Karnataka Power sector revealed variances that were taken up with KERC and Govt of Karnataka

  • Led AAP Bengaluru protest campaign on School Fees support for parents affected by the Pandemic

  • Appointed Vice-President Bengaluru for AAP in Nov 2021

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